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Mind Thirteen – i’m a freelancer offering services in photography, webdesign, consulting in Social Media related matters as well as fashion, in particular streetwear. Concepts are developed individually according to your wishes and requirements. You decide, I’ll provide.

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About myself

I’ll provide creative solutions or output to clients around the world,
creating things that get attention and meaningful.

My Carrer

I’ve started working as IT-Professional for a system provider for Web-based IT solutions back in 2010, after I’ve gained a lot of experience I started to offer freelance work in Webhosting & Webdesign. At the End of 2013 i’ve change directions and started to offer my service within the fashion industry.

In 2013 i’ve also extended my portfolio and started to offer photography service because i already done jobs for several companies like adidas, Puma, Nike, asics, KICKZ and alot more – which you can see on my Clients-Page.

Meanwhile i’m located in Berlin but still offering my service world wide. I’m working for Overkill as project manager, responsible for apparel and parts of the IT environmenton on a 30hour base weekly. I’m also handeling my own business as Artist, Creative & Consultant under the name Mind Thirteen and last but not least i’m the main responsible of Straßenmodekultur – a german streetwear magazine & platform for streetwear enthusiasts.

My Portfolio

I’ve gained a lot of experience within the last few years and i’m always optimizing and pushing myself beyong the limits. That’s why i’m successful and that’s what i’m also telling my clients.

As i already mentioned, i’m not only offering the typical webdesign/webhosting service. i’m also offering consulting to improve your website within the fashion industry. We can get trainings for social media done aswell. Social Media is crossing photography – therefore i’m able to offer editorials, lookbooks & marketing conceptes and so on. Last but not least we can also get some creative stuff done, if you need a fyler design or even a whole magazine.

There are no limits.

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